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  • Errant Academy is a tutoring service run by a group of qualified economists and statistics experts. We are award-winning Statistics and Economics lecturers and tutors with over ten years of tutoring experience. As opposed to long and exhausting lectures, our teaching method focuses on insights and shortcuts, which allow one to learn the course material much quicker than usual.

  • We understand that the textbooks can be confusing at times, and that the students are given very little opportunities to practice questions. Therefore, our main focus is on practicing problems as much as possible in order to gain understanding of the theoretical concepts.

  • Online Tutoring: Besides regular tutoring we also offer online webcam tutoring. The iDroo whiteboard software serves students even better than in-person tutoring since they can record the entire tutoring session for further studying.

  • Errant Academy operates 24 hours/7 days per week. We are very flexible and require little notice to arrange meetings with students.

  • Courses Taught

    Our tutors are specialists in Economics and Statistics. Although the exact name of your economics or statistics course may vary, the following list outlines the course materials that we are familiar with.

    Introductory Microeconomics (1st year general) Statistics for Business & Economics
    Introductory Macroeconomics (1st year general) Applied Statistics
    Microeconomic Theory I (2nd year) Introduction to Econometrics
    Macroeconomic Theory I (2nd year) Applied Econometrics
    Microeconomic Theory II (3rd year)
    Macroeconomic Theory II (3rd year) ELECTIVE COURSES
    ADVANCED COURSES Cost-Benefit Analysis
    Microeconomic Theory III (4th year) Game Theory
    Macroeconomic Theory III (4th year) Industrial Organization & Competition
    Mathematical Economics
    Microeconomic Theory (Masters Level) Labor Economics
    Macroeconomic Theory (Masters Level) International Trade

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    **Please take note that Errant Academy is a specialized international tutoring service with the highest regard for education and academic ethics. Our goal is to improve existing knowledge and create understanding of highschool and university Economics and Statistics. As such, we are committed to a strict zero tolerance plagiarism policy. Errant Academy does not produce homework in forms of assignments, essays or theses for students. As we encourage critical thinking and understanding of the concepts, we will encourage our students to complete their work in the same manner, while maintaining lecturing, tutoring and assignment support.
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